Botafogo V Atletico PR – Football Betting Preview

 Botafogo V Atletico PR – Football Betting Preview

Date: Saturday eighth August 2009 at 6.30pm (neighborhood time)

Setting: Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange (The Engenhao), in Rio de Janeiro


Preceding Thursday evenings แทงบอลออนไลน์ misfortune with Sao Paulo, Botafogo were on an unbeaten 7 game roll, don’t foam at the mouth excessively however as 4 from that roll were draws. Notwithstanding, a large portion of their draws have been away and today they face a group in Atletico PR who have dominated just 2 matches from the last 7.

Sao Paulo beat the “Huge Fire” (Fogao) 3-1, Thursday, scarcely astounding as I several sneak peaks back, Sao Paulo will ascend the association quicker than Jacob ascended his stepping stool – so misfortune will not be held against them, plus, Big Fire hasn’t succeeded at Morumbi starting around 1998.


Before Thursday night’s 0-2 win at Cruzeiro, Atletico had just dominated 1 match from 6 – the success would have without a doubt infused some certainty into generally a striving group. We musn’t anyway move cleared away by the triumph, it was after all against a phenomenal low upright Cruzeiro who are moping around the drop zone. It was a rough undertaking with 3 red cards and as expected of late, the Cruz ruled early play to vacillate big time in play as well as with discipline as well.

Details (Serie A 2009)


Association POSITION: thirteenth/20

Games played: 16

Wins: 4

Misfortunes: 5

Draws: 7

Away Wins: 1

Home Wins: 3

Red Cards: 2

Yellow Cards: 40

Objectives Scored:24 (from 226 shots/headers on track)

Objectives Conceded: 28

Passing Errors: 40.44%


Association POSITION: fourteenth/20

Games played: 17

Wins: 5

Misfortunes: 3

Draws: 9

Away Wins: 2

Home Wins: 3

Red Cards: 4

Yellow Cards: 54

Objectives Scored: 17 (from 140 shots/headers on track)

Objectives Conceded: 29

Passing Errors: 28.76%


We were unable to place our shirt on any of these, however Botafogo are top choices and deservedly so.

Notwithstanding Atletico dominating both August matches it’s pushing the boat to anticipate a third continuous triumph. Not just that, a brief glance back at their couple of wins this year were against either groups unhappy or groups that were at that point, battling.

I had begun to investigate this review before Thursday evenings games and had from the start been inclining toward Big Fire, I actually accept they will win this. Yet, Prudence has been ringing in my ears “cover the draw” , “cover the draw”. Not failing to remember Prudence has an admirable statement as this season Botafogo [] have drawn 7 from 16 and Atletico have drawn 9 from 17.

Presently possibly I have created schizophrenia or it’s my abhorrence for giving the games books a simple ride kicking in. Regardless, a 1-1 right score draw cover is all together! (Barely enough to cover stake and some).

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