Baby Swings – Must Have Gear!

 Baby Swings – Must Have Gear!

Our babies loved nap time in their swings – very sweet pictures from those days. They got to fall asleep in the room with me which was very relaxing for both of us. Whe baby swing Canada n they had a fussy moment, the swing was the spot – and much less expensive than a long drive! When I was home alone and needed to take a shower or do some laundry while my son was awake, the baby swing was my lifesaver. (I am also a big fan of baby bouncy seats – excellent baby shower gift.)

My baby swing was my “extra pair” pair of hands while I was home alone. The baby swing’s soothing motion would calm or entertain my boys, depending on what they were needing at the time.

Must-have baby swing features:

Stability: A wide base and low center of gravity is a must so your swing won’t tip over if baby manages to lean too far in one direction.

Seat Belts: again, a must and the 5-point harness is best. Just like in a car seat, newborns are good at sliding out of inadequate seat belt systems.

Battery Vs. Wind-Up: Wind-ups are usually compellingly less expensive, but the winding mechanism on ours was so noisy, we finally sold the wind-up and sprang for the battery. Battery-operated baby swings are easier to operate and usually feature more speeds and music settings to match baby’s mood.

Speed: Sometimes, your baby will like to be gently rocked, sometimes – especially when fussy – she might like a bit more determined swing. I’d advise getting a swing with at least a couple speeds (you don’t need many!)

Sounds: Your baby may have preferences for music. If your baby swing plays music, make sure there is a volume control as well as an off switch! My boys didn’t go for the music, preferring the house sounds or none at all. If your swing does play music, make sure you can handle the repetition.

Recline: If you will use your baby swing with your newborn (and mine loved it), make sure yours has a newborn recline position. Your newborn can’t hold her head up, nor can she avoid slouching forward – definitely need the recline. Your older babies will appreciate when they fall asleep, too! Make sure you can easily reach the recline mechanism so you can recline the seat after your baby falls asleep.

Open Top: An open top baby swing allows you to lift your baby out without bumping his head on an upper bar. Thank goodness someone thinks of these things!

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