Affiliate Marketing Sales – 4 Pointers For Earning “Free Money” With Articles

 Affiliate Marketing Sales – 4 Pointers For Earning “Free Money” With Articles

Are you in affiliate marketing sales? If so, no doubt you have heard that articles are a great way of “earning free money”– that is to say, of getting free, highly targeted traffic to your websites. But– do you know how to to do this the right way? Here are some pointers to help you boost your commissions using free article submissions.

1. Is bum marketing dead?

Well, yes and no. I think that the how to make money without investment beginner marketer should start out writing a handful of articles with links to their affiliate sites, and get them out to the leading article directories. This is essential experience for the novice.

However, the bum marketing ideal– that just a handful of articles is enough to build you a real, paying business– is no longer true (if it ever was!). I have heard it said that the average article gets only twenty page views per month. The sheer number of articles out there now makes it hard to get noticed.

2. So what do we need to do to do this the right way?

We’ve got to write a ton of articles! A handful of articles won’t cut it. If you are serious about getting the word out about your affiliate product, you’ve got to set a target to write every single day.

How much is enough? I don’t know– what’s your niche? And what level of success do you expect in affiliate marketing sales? Are you in the internet marketing niche? Then plan on writing every day for several months to establish your presence. Are you in the “Slovakian-motorcycle-spark-plug” niche? Maybe you won’t have to work so hard!:)

Ask yourself this: Do you think earning “free money”— money from free, highly targeted traffic, and lots of it— is possible for the lazy? If your answer is yes, I wish you luck!

3. It’s quality AND quantity

You might think I am contradicting myself, but I don’t think I am. Read twenty articles in the niche of your choice. Which of them really stand out? Which authors will you seek out in the future?

Now think about the ones that fail to impress. Ask yourself which type of article you’d like to have under your name? I think the question answers itself.

4. Become “The Boss” in your field

Bruce Springsteen is known as “The Boss”, not for his management skills, but because he is so very, very good at what he does. He has become an authority in his field. People look up to him, and they look forward to his future work with anticipation.

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