7 Skills To Look For Before Choosing An Android App Developer

 7 Skills To Look For Before Choosing An Android App Developer

Android continues to dominate the mobile app market on a global scale now holding more than 80 percent of it. Over 80 percent of worldwide smartphone users prefer marabout voyant  using Android mobiles and devices over the other Operating systems like iOS and Windows. The Google Play Store is now staggering with more than 3 million applications now serving the users in different ways. However, with this huge count of applications already existing on the Android App Store, it is imperative for Android developers to build highly competitive applications to stay ahead in this competition. It is not just an app idea that can just work, an Android app developer must have all the must-have skills and abilities to end up with a successful and high-performing application every single time with every unique business needs.

Today, building highly engaging and user-driven Android applications need in-depth knowledge and understanding of different programming languages, tools, and technologies. In fact, designing the application keeping the Android market fragmentation and different Android devices and screen sizes in mind, is also essential to offer a smooth and uniform user experience across all devices and screens.

And all these aspects make it necessary to choose an Android app developer possessing all the must-have skills and abilities.

Now, here are the skills you must look for before choosing an Android application developer for your next project.

An unprecedented knowledge and understanding of Java and Kotlin:

Both Java and Kotlin are the two mandatory programming languages for Android application development. And your developer must be comfortable in using both depending on your project requirements. The developer should be able to use the latest versions of both Java and Kotlin and must know the syntax of both. This is the first most important skill you need to look for while choosing your Android application developer.

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